Discover a treasure trove of creative play and learning inspiration in these curated collections of kids activities and crafts


Our favorite creative, modern magazines for kids of all ages interested in art, cooking, news, science, writing, reading and fun! | via barley & birch

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As an advocate for children’s literacy and thoughtful, creative learning discovery tools, I’m constantly on the lookout for engaging new materials to add to the bookshelf. I’ve been introduced to countless wonderful children’s books this year, but have also have…

A festive roundup of creative Christmas crafts to keep your kids busy through out the whole holiday season! | via barley & birch

Discover: 20 Kid-Friendly Holiday DIY Ideas

For the past couple of years, we’ve participated (with a group of makers from around the globe) in an incredibly fun holiday collaboration. After hours of work, countless video takes, several spreadsheets, and extra-long message threads, we all get together…

This collection of 80s inspired DIY games is guaranteed throwback fun for the whole family! | via barley & birch

Discover: 8 Eighties-Themed DIY Games!

As part of our ’80s Week we wanted to take a day to celebrate the games that made childhood so memorable. But instead of just suggesting some to play, we scoured the interwebs to find versions you can make yourselves…

A totally radical collection of DIY 80s crafts, art and games kids and parents can make together! | via barley and birch

Discover: A Week of 80s Activities and Crafts!

Great SCOTT (Quick! Name that famous eighties Doc…)!  Looking for a full week of ’80s activities and crafts? We’re bringing it to you one project at a time with wicked DIYs, rad retro art crafts, ’80s-inspired recipes, totally righteous printables, and…

Our favorite fun and modern no-carve pumpkins for modern kids

Discover: Our Favorite No-Carve Pumpkins for Kids

It’s jack-o-lantern season again! Along with a full treat bag of fresh Halloween kids’ crafts and DIY costume inspiration, we’re passing out a few of our favorite ideas to help your family get into the spirit of the season with…