Discover: 16 Fresh Kids Halloween Crafts and Activities

Two weeks to Halloween. The grand dream of an heirloom hand-sewn costume has turned into “what can I make out of this trash bag and glue gun…?” A demon squirrel has eaten the face of your lovingly-carved jack-o-lantern. The grocery store is OUT OF REESE’S and the kids are HAUNTING you with demands for ANYTHING Halloween. Quel nightmare, mon cher!

Well, fret no more – we’ve got you BOO. We’ve bundled up 16 of our own kids Halloween crafts, and these treats (+ 1 trick!) will help you celebrate with a fresh, modern vibe. All of these instant printables & projects offer scads of flexibility and multiple variations on the theme so kids (or adults) of ALL ages will be able to partake in the frightfully fun festivities. OoOooo and you can add to the wicked fun with our Halloween playlist on Spotify (suitable for bats and ghouls of all ages).

Our Favorite Super Fresh Kids Halloween Crafts, Art Projects, and Activities

A gallery of four of our modern kids Halloween crafts
  • Free Printable Mini Halloween Doodle Books – Send your fright night entertainment worries back to the dark side with these October-themed mini doodle pages suitable for festive bats and ghouls of all ages. It’s Halloween made EASY – simply print for a special coloring/drawing activity. The little pages make perfect party favors, classroom activities, sugar-free treats. You can even turn them into a tiny book with a quick stake (er, hole punch) through the corner and ribbon!
  • DIY Soft Sculpture Creatures for Kids – Invite kids to bring creative creatures to life with this soft sculpture art made from recycled plastic bags, brown paper bags, and other household supplies.
  • Upcycled Monster Treat Pails – Save a plastic container from the recycling bin and use a little Halloween magic to turn it into a monstrously cute DIY treat pail! The prep for this one is SUPER speedy so you can spend more time making spectacularly creepy creatures on your pails and less time cleaning up.
  • Black Cat Paper Bag Luminaries – The glowing eyes of these eerie black cat luminaries light up the night for a flame-free, kid-safe DIY Halloween decoration to remember!
A gallery of four of our modern kids Halloween crafts
  • Design Your Own Haunted House – Use our printable mix-and-match haunted house pieces to build your own EPIC haunted mansion! With bunches of different designs and styles to choose from your kids will have a monster’s ball crafting the haunted house of their dreams and adding doodled details or artful embellishments.
  • Put on a Halloween Puppet Show – DIY your own Dracula puppet and put on a spooky show! These rod puppets are simple enough for kids to make and a fun way to explore the expressive world of puppetry (with templates you can turn into color and design activities for youger puppeteers too!).
  • DIY Bendable Bats – With a piece of wire and some art magic, you can make your own bendy batty buddies to attach to clothespins, magnets, or hang from a string (a great way to scare up some Halloween fun). OR try making your own mini sculptures…we used a couple of sneaky Halloween tricks & treats to create the illusion that our bats have taken flight! 
  • A DIY Wednesday Addams Softie – If the sarcastic smile and black braids on this CUR-SED DIY doll look familiar, it’s because this softie is an homage to the sardonic star of stage and screen, Ms. Wednesday Addams. (Snuggle with this one at your own risk, cuddlers). And here’s the best part: it’s half-sewn & half-painted (a Frankenstein of sorts!) so kids can participate too.
Four modern Halloween pumpkin crafts and activities for kids
  • Playdough Pumpkins with Pop-In Jack-O-Lantern Features – It’s Mr. Potato Head meets Halloween with this clever little play dough pumpkin activity. By adding some super simple straw knobs to DIY mix-and-match cardboard features, you can create your playdough jack-o-lanterns! Good for tons of re-arrangeable toddler fall fun!
  • A Cardboard Jack-O-Lantern Shape Sorter – This adorable grinning gourd is a clever DIY shape sorter you can make from a couple of boxes. And once you’re done playing, use a flameless tea light to turn this into a mess-free, forever-fresh jack-o-lantern by night.
  • A Cereal Box Build-A-Jack-0-Lantern Activity – Give fine motor skill practice a Halloween makeover with this cute set of cardboard pumpkins + cereal box features. Add a few velcro dots and you have a jack-o-lantern building activity your little ones can use again and again!
  • Potato and Apple Stamped Pumpkin Art – Grow a festive pumpkin patch of artwork with these fruit and veggie stamped prints! This lovely project encourages kids to try a fun printing process and explore supplies for mark-making.
A fresh collection of our favorite modern Halloween art, crafts, and activities for kids! | via barley & birch
  • Scrap Paper Mark-Making Ghost Art – With so many ways to draw a little ghost, why stop at just one? Stamp them, scratch them out, scribble one up. Cut them out, erase them, or find one hiding in a charcoal smudge! This exercise in mark-making exploration will have your little ones creating a flock of phantoms with a BOO for you!
  • A Framed Faux Bat Collection – Right this way and welcome, friends, to our mysterious shop of curiosities. Single-file please as we pass the ghoulish gallery wall of collected bats – from the beautiful to the bizarre! Create your very own artful + creepy collection With lots of opportunities to make splatters and blots, it’s an art invitation to imagine that will have your littles screaming for more.
  • A Halloween STEAM-Powered Magic Trick – Cursed to stay trapped in a tiny box forever, this misplaced bone wants nothing more than to be reunited with its ghostly owner and does everything it can to steer clear of its matchbox prison. Visit the post to see the petrifying possession in action and learn the simple, science-based trick behind the magic (free magic box included!) BONUS: These salt dough bones are super fun to make on their own!
  • Witch and Warlock Boots on a Broomstick – Rounding out our list of kids Halloween crafts and activity favs,,,let your littles play Halloween designer with this fun invitation to create! Once they’re done, use supplies from the backyard to make a lovely little broomstick – the perfect vehicle for witches, warlocks, AND displaying high Halloween fashion.

So now you have a list of kids’ Halloween crafts and art projects a mile long…but how about a costume? We got you. Use household supplies to make a quick costume with these 30 ideas for a DIY costume your kids can help with! They all use supplies you most likely have around the house, so dive and embrace the spirit of dress-up!

Find something spooky to stream with our collection of 25 Halloween-themed family movie & craft pairings! Perfect for dark and stormy nights or a Halloween at home!

Enjoy this Halloween with your little bats, ghouls, and goblins, friends. We hope this collection of ideas makes it a monstrously memorable, hair-raising good time!

Happy Halloween from barley & birch
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